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Recovery at Lebanon is a program that embraces people who are struggling with all sorts of addictive issues, compulsive behaviors, loss and life challenges. The program incorporates the proven principles of recovery as established by groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Al-Anon. Those recovery principles are made effective through the power of Jesus Christ and the free gift of His love and grace. Jesus is the inspiration, and scripture is the foundation of our teaching. The 12 Steps, accountability, and fellowship with others in recovery are our tools. Christ works through all these things to create miracles among us.


Recovery at Lebanon is a community program which is supported by several area churches and is hosted each Thursday night at LCF Church. A hot meal is served at 6:00pm for all attenders of Recovery, a contemporary worship service with a relevant message is held at 7:00pm, and recovery support groups meet at 8:15pm. We currently have two recovery support groups meeting during this time: chemical dependence group and family support group. The chemical dependence group is a co-ed group and is for anybody struggling with issues relating to alcohol or drug addiction. The family support group is a co-ed group and is for anybody struggling with loss, co-dependency, family issues or any of life’s hurts, habits or hang-ups.