CITIZENS Youth is a place where faith + fun collide.

Our hope is that each student has a personal encounter with God's love and can develop a personal relationship with Him during their time in our ministry. We want each student to know the love of Christ and to share that love with the people around them!

CITIZENS YOUTH is our ministry for 8th-12th grade.

During our lesson we do our best to incorporate discussion among all of the students. We want to foster an environment that students feel comfortable to ask questions that will promote a deeper, more personal understanding of the weekly topic. We want them to bring their Bibles so that they can read along and become familiar with the Word of God. Our meetings let them connect better with the group leaders, build friendships with their peers, and continue growing closer to Jesus. 



On Sundays we currently meet during the 9:30 a.m. service. All youth are expected to attend worship in the main sanctuary and then may come to The Connection building for a great lesson! Around 10:50 a.m. we will head back to the main sanctuary to sit together as a group through 2nd service worship + the sermon.

We also encourage the youth to serve in one of the ministries on a regular rotation. There are so many options where our youth can serve during the 2nd service--kitchen ministry, LCF Kidz, the Info Bar, and more!


Our Wednesday night meetings are also held at The Connection from 6:00-8:10 p.m. Supper is provided. Come join us!


The Bible! ; ]  But for real, our current series is The Journey! Throughout this past year we have realized there was a need for our youth to gain more of a general knowledge of what God says to us in the Bible. So as school started back we jumped right in with Genesis and are walking through the entire Bible, chapter-by-chapter!
Will it be a long series? Yes.
Will it be awesome? Heck yes! 

-Mike & Emily Rogers

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