Ministry Spotlight: Worship Arts

The Lord fights for us and we fight alongside Him. Worship is warfare...literally. In the spiritual realm, war is being waged all around us and when we worship, we pick up our sword and go to battle. Exodus 14:14 says, "The Lord will fight for you, you must only be still." To me, "be still" means to stop panicking, realize who you belong to, and start worshiping. When we worship, we are putting our flesh in the backseat and stepping into a spiritual strength that is only imparted to us by being sons and daughters of the King. "Reckless Love" is one of my new favorite songs and the bridge says, "There's no shadow you won't light up, mountain you won't climb up coming after me. There's no wall that you won't kick down, lie that you won't tear down, coming after me." He comes after us, He fights for us...even if we are running from Him, He fights for us.

I often see God as this gentle giant daddy who waits on me to fall off my bike and scratch my knee so He can come to the rescue and wipe my tears, clean me up, and love on me... and that is SO Him, but, He is also a warrior. We can't neglect that side of who our God is. We can't underestimate His ability to destroy anything getting in the way of His relationship with His children...Isn't that what He did when He sent Jesus to the cross? He will kick down every wall standing in between us and Himself, even the walls we have built on our own. He will forcibly tear them down and come after us. He will pursue us constantly. We have to remember these things about God when we worship. We have to remember who we are and the authority we have because of who our Father is. We have to remember that He is a warrior and He is victorious, and therefore, so are we. 

We should have the truth of His character buried so deep within us that when we worship, we realize we are reconnecting with our Father who fights for us. We are not only gathering together, singing a few songs, and leaving for the week unchanged only to come back the next week and do it all over again...we are fighting. We are going to battle and we are not stopping until we have encountered the Lord. We are not stopping until we have been changed by His goodness and majesty. We are not stopping until our circumstances have been transformed by His power and glory.

It is so easy to fall into the monotony of just going to church, hearing a few good songs, listening to a good sermon and going home, when we should be preparing for this all week. We should walk into that building knowing we are meeting with the Lord and that we will be FOREVER changed by the encounter we are about to have with Him. With JESUS- the one who fights for us, who cries with us, who sings over us, who loves us and lavishes us with grace and mercy. JESUS- who is so majestic and mysterious that we can't even begin to understand Him with our finite human minds. JESUS- who is gentle, caring, kind, and compassionate and who is also persistent, protective, and fierce. JESUS-who is good, and good at being good.


Emily Farmer is the Worship Arts Director at LCF Church. She has a heart to see the people of Russell Co. experience Jesus through worship & praise.