3 Ways to be Generous This Holiday Season...


Turkey Dinners, snowy strolls, twinkling lights - it's that time of year again. The Holidays. The end of October ushers in what many sing as the "the most wonderful time of the year,' full of joy, laughter, and a fair share of sugary treats around every corner. The holiday season also cause many of us to think about generosity - how can we serve someone in need?  God's word tells us that we have an abundance for every good deed (2 Cor 9:8). Meaning that we, as children of God, have more than enough to give to others. Because He loves us, we are able to love others. Because He is generous to us, we are able to be generous towards others. In order for us to be "radical community for the sake of Christ's Kingdom", we must be a generous and gracious people. What better time to begin living a generous life than now! 

Here are 3 ways you can be generous this holiday season...


1. Be Generous with Your Finances

We are called to give to the poor, to help the needy, to serve the least of these. One way to do this is to give financially. This may mean buying a meal for someone who you know is hungry, or helping a friend who you know has lost their job and is trying to get back on their feet. Being generous financially doesn't always mean giving someone money, but could mean purchasing something for them or donating an item or two. LCF Church has several ways you can be generous in this way, but we have featured one upcoming event below: 

  • Operation Christmas Child - LCF is a strong partner with Samaritan's Purse Ministries' Operation Christmas Child. OCC asks us fill shoe boxes with items for children of different ages and Samaritan's Purse sends your shoe box to a child in need somewhere around the globe. We are having our OCC Packing Party THIS Wednesday, November 8th from 6:00-8:00pm at LCF Church! You can bring an already-packed box or items to fill boxes that night. Contact Mike & Emily Rogers for more info by emailing lcfuturn@gmail.com or calling/texting  276-794-2059.

Pray about being generous with your finances- ask God to show you how He wants you to steward your financial resources during this season and beyond. 


2. Be Generous with Your Time

Out time is a valuable resource for each of us and it seems as though it slips away so quickly. During the hustle and bustle of this season, it is easy to feel like we do not have enough of it. Remember - we are given an abundance - which means that our Heavenly Father has equipped us for the work He has planned for us, time included. Is there a family member you have been meaning to go visit? Is there a friend who has been on your mind? Take the trip, make the phone call, write the letter. Building relationships is key in living life in the Kingdom of God, but like most things, this takes time. However, through generosity with our time, people will experience the love of God. 

Pray and ask God to give you wisdom in how to spend your time this season.


3. Be Generous with Your Self

Generosity with your self can easily be overlooked, as many of us like to believe that we have very little to offer. This is not true. God has created each of us, with unique abilities to love others in a unique way. Are you a great listener? Spend time with someone who you know is overwhelmed and needs someone to talk to. Are you handy around the house? Reach out to neighbors and ask if they need any repairs.

Ask God in what ways has He equipped you to love those around you and how He wants you to use these gifts to serve others. 


"And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed..."

2 Cor 9:8, NASB